Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's Goin' On?

I have been sufficiently ridiculed by friends for my serious lack of posting. Back to the salt mine...

I guess I've gotten sucked into that vacuous world known as "Facebook," where you can communicate in little snippets and not really put much thought into what you are writing. Blogging is a little more work, of which I've had plenty of late.

Been busy the past few months getting things in order for our upcoming deployment. It'll be another sunny Summer in Qatar. I went there during the same period of time back in 2006. Let me tell you, there are few places on Earth that have that kind of heat. I swore back then that I would never again complain about the cold. I never missed cold showers so much. I got in my car one day in July and the temperature showed 130 degrees F. Toasty. I'd work at night from time to time and get a chill with the air conditioner running. I got up and checked the temperature--82 degrees. Something is wrong with this picture.

Anyhoo, looking forward to getting into action again. We'll be flying into the different theaters over there. I'm hoping to be able to catch up with Chris Neeley in Afghanistan. Shouldn't be too hard to coordinate a linkup sometime over the Summer.

We've had some interesting times at work of late. Our Operations Group has had a rash of DUIs with my squadron leading the charge. It's been sporty dealing with the aftermath of each and keeping folks focused on the fact that we're fighting a war and that they have a very important job to do. I'm thinking about writing a book about the experience. It's been challenging to say the least.

Looking forward to stopping in for a cup of coffee at Jamestown Coffee Company one day. Couldn't be more excited for Jay and Caryn as they start off on this very exciting new chapter in their lives. Remember us when you're a gazillionaire, Jay. Remember, I'm you're man when you open up your Charleston branch.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2010

I guess one could call them resolutions. I prefer the term "goals." Not as much guilt if you don't fulfill them, I suppose. Here are a few of my "goals" for the year 2010

1. Start jogging again, eventually working up to being able to run 10 miles. Not sure the knees can handle this or not, so I reserve the right to adjust fire on this one.
2. Be a little more focus on what's important. The Lord, family, work, in that order. Playstation and watching TV didn't make the top 3 strangely enough. As it should be.
3. Eat less. Nelson Rockefeller once said that the secret to long life was to "push away from the table a little bit hungry." He was a gazillionaire. He has a little bit of credibility, I suppose.
4. Develop a hobby of some sort. I've been tossing this around a bit. What do I enjoy? Gardening, playing Playstation. I've ruled out Playstation...not very productive. I would like to build a greenhouse in the backyard and begin dabbling in gardening. At least you can eat your mistakes.
5. I want to make my own wine this year. Nothing super fancy but a huge step up from my last experiment. I tried to make my own hard cider using Wal-Mart concentrated apple juice and baker's yeast. "Prison wine," I called it. The wife and all who tried it just called it "Nasty." This is a building block goal towards my eventual retirement goal of having a still in the back part of my land. Nothing for sale, mind you; strictly be for gifts and to take the chill out of the bones.
6. Get a dog. This has been a goal for the last 4 years. Believe we're almost there. The wife's resolve is buckling. Just met my in-law's young neighbor who showed us her pet rat. She said it's very sweet and a good pet. Maybe I'll offer that as an alternative to speed along getting the dog.
7. Go camping more. Took the family camping 3 times this past year and enjoyed each time more than the last. My wife has surprised me with her love of the outdoors. Maybe it's the fact that I do all the cooking. I admit that I don't mind. Something about cooking over an open fire and dutch ovens. You could cook a week-old dead possum in a dutch oven and it would taste good. Not that I make a habit of cooking dead possum.