Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back in Deutschland

Finished my requal course last Friday. My check ride went fine despite some maintenance issues with our tanker. Six flights in 10 days is pushing it, even for an old war horse like myself.

Flew back on Saturday and arrived in Germany Sunday morning. The family was very happy to see me (as I was to see them), and my young ones quickly snapped me up to show me their latest projects and achievements. The pandemonium that is Das Ritterhaus is an absolute joy. I enjoy being on trips for about the first 8 hours, then the "quietness" sets in. I don't like it. Give me loud noises, kids yelling, and the muffled snickers of some mischef going on anyday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good to Hear From Old Friends

Checked the blog this evening and discovered an old friend stopped by for a visit. Martha M. ran across her name on a comment on James and Chuck's "4th Row Center" movie review site. The particular post in question was a tribute to the late Miss Moneypenny of James Bond fame who had recently passed away. Martha's big Hollywood break was a starring part in a low-budget James Bond remake. Unfortunately, the movie was shown publically only once and, alas, Martha's star talent would have to wait for some future movie producer to discover.

I've really become fond of these blogs. They're a great way to keep in touch and reacquaint with old friends. In fact, if it weren't for these blogs, folks might never know what a HUGE Star Trek fan Martha used to be. She talked Rick S. and I into going to meet the actual Mr. Sulu once at a Blockbuster opening in Columbia, SC. I had always fancied myself a big Star Trek fan, not a fanatic, but more loyal than most. I realized that day that the true Star Trek fan is a wonder to behold, able to explain warp drive to even to most casual person, intimately familiar with the life history of the most obscure crewmember. Yes, even Martha, who maintained an impressive Star Trek shrine, paled in comparison.

It was good to hear from you, Martha. Live long and prosper...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thoughts of Leaving

Flew again yesterday and will fly as well tonight. Training pace is very hectic now; it's coming fast and furious.

The thought of finishing early is bittersweet, however. I relish the thought of getting back home to my wife and kids. Lord knows, I'm going to be away from them long enough this year and want to spend every moment I can with them. The other side of the coin is the thought of leaving Altus and some very close friends we've made from church here. Arlene and I were married in this church, we dedicated all of our children to the Lord in this church, and have grown to know and love the pastor and members of this church. They have been such a blessing for me since I've been here, one man going so far as to loan me a truck to facilitate my runs for ice cream to the local Braums. Yes, it will be sad my last day here.