Friday, November 2, 2007

Thoughts of Leaving

Flew again yesterday and will fly as well tonight. Training pace is very hectic now; it's coming fast and furious.

The thought of finishing early is bittersweet, however. I relish the thought of getting back home to my wife and kids. Lord knows, I'm going to be away from them long enough this year and want to spend every moment I can with them. The other side of the coin is the thought of leaving Altus and some very close friends we've made from church here. Arlene and I were married in this church, we dedicated all of our children to the Lord in this church, and have grown to know and love the pastor and members of this church. They have been such a blessing for me since I've been here, one man going so far as to loan me a truck to facilitate my runs for ice cream to the local Braums. Yes, it will be sad my last day here.


Rick said...

It's the tension in life that makes it worth living sometimes, I think. Sad but good, in leaving friends but going to family. Hope all goes well for you.

Martha said...

Hey, saw your comment on Miss Moneypenny along with a couple of others, Rick and Steve, and decided to sign up so I could say hi and catch up! Hope you are doing well!!

Martha said...

I meant Rick and George!