Saturday, July 19, 2008

What Would I Do Different?

Todd had a very thought-provoking post about what he would do if he could go back 25 years and do it all over knowing what he knows now. I realize that our mistakes/regrets help make us who we are, but I'm going to operate under the assumption that we can keep the experiences gained from the bad choices after we fixed them. I realize that this flies in the face of all Science Fiction stories, but please bear with me:

Let's see, 25 years. That would make me...what, 15? Let's begin there:

- I would have listened to my folks a lot more; they're really smart, having been around the proverbial block a time or two more than I have
- I would have started my term papers for HARP sooner than the week prior to them being due, with the goal being to have them finished several days prior to the due date. Many late nights were spent typing those suckers out the night before.
- I would have told many of my teachers how much I enjoyed learning from them.
- I would have taken Martha to the Senior Prom instead of the girl from Pelion I ended up taking. I'm convinced that I would have had much more fun going with a friend like Martha than being crushed THE NIGHT OF THE PROM by someone I was kidding myself thinking she liked me. There, I feel better...
- I would start jogging at a younger age.
- I would have been a better roommate to Jay.
- I would have kept in better touch with my High School friends. These blogs have really been a blessing--getting back in touch with lifelong friends again.
- I would never have tried to sneak into a movie while Chuck was on shift at Bush River Cinemas. We put you in a bad spot, Chuck, and you handled it with grace and style.
- Suspenders with shorts...would never have worn them.
- Would never have dated my friend Steve's sister from Atlanta. She was a little nutty (as I found out later). She tracked me down years later at MY MOTHER-IN-LAW's house in San Antonio. Little freaky.
- I would be much more patient with my oldest boy growing up.
- I would have called my wife much sooner than I did. I had her number for two months before I called her and asked her out. It took a call from Steve's nutty sister (another stalking incident) to get me to look for a "fresh perspective." The rest is history.

That's about it for now. This was kind of a cathartic experience. I may have to continue this in a later post. I just got down from flying and am sitting in Turkey. We fly through Iraq tomorrow and back to Germany to begin the homeward trek.


Chuck said...

Steve - Thanks. But, you know, that little affair added "Stanley" to my list, and has helped me to not take myself so seriously.


Martha said...

Awww - I'm touched :). I think you and I discussed some time ago (right after I finished school) that I had tried to see who you were going with because I hadn't heard from my date for awhile and didn't know exactly the status of my prom date. You had already made the date with the Pelion monster by that time though.

I remember I was at your apartment - I can't remember if it was after that football game that you, me, and Jay went to or another occasion. Truthfully, I went home that night regretting that I didn't kiss you or that you didn't try to kiss me. Wow - this is turning out to be an interesting post!

James said...

I cannot possibly top that one. And by a "better roommate" I hope you weren't referring to a goodnight kiss.