Friday, October 3, 2008

Thoughts on VP Debate

Listened to the first part of the VP debate on the way home last night and watched the last half with the wife. My first reaction was that Palin had not done all that well. Biden sounded pretty good. Though I still don't agree with the socialist/wealth distribution/fairness message, he did deliver it well. After the debate ended, I sat back and reflected. Perhaps I expected too much from Palin? She did deliver a solid performance and, I believe, held her own against a guy who's been doing this sort of thing for 30+ years. She's had, what, two months? The more I think about it, the better I feel about how she did. No knockout punches, but a solid showing.

Bottom line, which of the two candidates reflect my beliefs in where I think the country needs to go. Parties aside (believe it or not, I'd vote Democrat if it was the right person), who is the better man to lead this country? Who has the better message? It just blows my mind that people just don't see that the "tax the rich and give to the poor" mentality just doesn't work. Biden talked about fairness. What's fair about taxing a person more who's done well through his/her own blood/sweat/tears, who's taken advantage of every opportunity given, who's taken a chance and had it pay off. Why should that person have to pay more (percentage-wise) in taxes than the person who does not get paid as much? Does the rich person enjoy more government benefits? Is he/her more of a citizen?

I've been disappointed with the Republicans the past few years--gov't spending is through the roof. I like McCain's message of fiscal responsibility. I can't spend more than I make (well, I can for a while). Why should the government be able to? Chuck, I think Dave Ramsey would make a fine Sec of the Treasury...what say you?


Chuck said...

Dave has commented that no one really wants him in office because he would use the word "No" alot, and shut down a lot of stuff (like us paying for cell phones for welfare recipients).

But as far as the tax on the rich, if you go and look this up (and not justlisten to the Rhetoric), the "rich" do pay out more. The Rich also create jobs and employee people. And, there are many who pay no taxes, yet, receive a tax rebate check. But, none of this matters, because politicians know that the "Politics of Envy" is a powerful motivator. The Democrats have used this broad paint brush for years (and it is very effective). That's what makes me sick when I hear people talk about how Obama is different and is above the fray and talks about the issues. That image is pure marketing.

Chuck said...

Also, just so that I am clear here, George Bush never met a dollar he did not spend. I like the guy, but I hate what has happened to us economically during his watch: it is not all his fault, there is plenty of that to spread around.

Todd said...

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, "It's Deja Vu all over again." In my 40 years, I have lived through 3 wars, economic recession, government scandals, and political grandstanding. And that was just in church!

Just kidding.

One thing I believe from past experiences is that things always manage to get better. Then it fouls up again. Then it gets better...

God is still on the throne. Until that changes, I try not to worry about stuff of earth as much. I am happy that I have a good job and over-priced gas money. It does get overwhelming sometimes though.

Alan said...

You boys make some sense. Get 'er done.