Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Roadhouse" Revisited

A quick followup from my last post. Came home from work the other evening to find my father-in-law watching "Roadhouse." This is, I hear, the crown jewel in Patrick Swayze's acting crown. I myself prefer "Red Dawn," but I digress.

I chose to keep an open mind and watch a little bit while eating supper. I wanted to be a good host. Grabbing the remote and saying, "I can't believe you're watching this trash" would mean I was a bad host.

As I settled in and allowed myself to become transported into the world of cinematic excellence, I really sat back and listened to the dialogue. Now, when I saw this movie I was about 20--dialogue is not why I went to see this movie. Mostly the girls in it, I think. Dialogue...oh, yes. Fortunately there's very little of it. The one quote that stood out and inspired this follow-on post happened after the big fight in the bar (doesn't narrow it down much, does it?) when Dalton gets cut on his side and has to go to the hospital. Talking with the doctor, she offers him pain killer which he, bravely, refuses.

"Pain don't hurt."

Brought tears to my eyes. Also brought my supper up.

That, my friends, is the line that got this movie added to the AMC channel archives. No doubt about it. This movie belongs on Spike TV, not AMC. Am I wrong?

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James said...

Spike or even one of the lesser channels.