Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back in the NW

Got back from my trip down South last night. Spending the night in an airport is not recommended. I didn't sleep worth a hoot and was a mental wreck for most of the next day. Got into San Antonio just a tad late and met up with the family at the RV camp they were staying at. This was my first experience RV'ing and, much to my surprise, I found it rather enjoyable. Kind of like upscale camping. More cozy and rustic than a hotel room yet more civilized than a tent.

The highlight of my trip to San Antonio was walking over my land. I didn't even recognize it and my wife and I drove right past it. The area has grown up in the 5 years since I've seen it. It's a great plot that will make a fine place to build a retirement home. The weather was hot, though, and my wife started having her doubts about South Texas. Coming from Germany, Texas looks hot, rocky, and a bit under-forested. I reminded her of how we'll be wearing shorts at Christmas, never having to worry about being snowed in ever again. That perked her right up. She made me promise we'll find some place up North where we can spend the hot summers. Perhaps Northern Idaho or Western Montana. Need to check it out.

I officiated my wife's stepfather's retirement on Friday. It is a very moving thing to watch someone retire from the Air Force after 22 years of service. They had the grandkids sing the National Anthem at the start...not a dry eye in the place. My 6-year-old daughter joined her older cousins in the rendition and sang all of the words flawlessly. She's very talented--gets that from her mother. I was very honored to do the ceremony for him and found myself thinking ahead to my own. I've got 6 more years before that day comes.

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Martha said...

Glad you are home safe. Sounds like a fun trip and a moving retirement ceremony. It gets hot here, but I know that TX can be much worse. But San Antonio is to die for - my favorite place in Texas.

I spent 3 weeks in Houston, a couple here and there in Dallas, but San Antone is my fave. It is a short drive to Austin too, another very cool place.