Saturday, June 14, 2008

Searching for a House

Arlene and the kids made it in fine on 1 June. Since then we've been busting out tails trying to find a place to live. The only breaks have been my usual 10+ hour workdays. I did get to fly last week, a hectic 6-hour airdrop requalification ride that left me quite spent. I took the family into Seattle for a much-deserved break last Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the wife and kids had a nice time checking out the fish market at Pike's Place and all the souvenir shops. My daughter said she thinks Seattle is a beautiful town and it reminds her of "Yu Nork City."

Back to the rental websites. Must...find...home. Can't...stop...until....find....home....

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Rick said...

Want me to check on the old homestead on Carterhill Dr.??