Friday, December 26, 2008

Together for Christmas

Had a wonderful Christmas day with the family. Very thankful I could be with them this year. Last year I experienced the screams of delight of Christmas morning over the phone from my hotel room. This year I was right there with the video camera to capture it all. The kids did alright on gifts. Of particular note:

- 32" flatscreen for extreme PS3 play
- New guitar for yours truly. They coordinated a "Christmas Story" experience for me. My son went to far as to quote Ralphie's dad saying, "So, did you get everything you wanted?" My wife then said, "Hey, what's that behind the tree?" Very memorable experience.
- My youngest son got a 4', two-handed broadsword, a la William Wallace. Don't ask me what he's going to do with that. I told him to stand out in the yard and give passers by his best impression of the Scottish hero.
- Wife got the standard Dicken's Village house. She's got quite the little town going now.
- Call of Duty 5. Me likee...

My daughter got a horse stable set. She's got all 30 of her minature horses packed into it. The best part is listening to the backstory she creates as she plays. It's like watching a soap opera. She actually develops characters. My favorite is the handsome black horse who can't decide who to marry.


Rick said...

Merry Christmas, yo

James said...

Happy Christmas Ritters!