Monday, December 15, 2008

Yukon, Ho!

Just got back yesterday from a week-long training mission to Alaska. It's cold up there and it snowed several times, putting a damper on some of our training we were trying to accomplish. I did snap this picture of our other formation aircraft with Mt McKinley in the background. It looks like evening (I guess it is evening up there), but it was about three thirty in the afternoon when I snapped this picture.

Robert Redford's "Jerimiah Johnson" came on last night. After seeing that and considering my recent trip, I must say there is some allure to the frontier, mountain man life, scratching out one's existance and braving the elements. The thought has crossed my mind occasionally.


Alan said...

Did you read that book by Pete Fromm yet, that was on my blog? Great outdoorsy stuff. Very cool picture, Steve.

Martha said...

Love the picture! Glad you are doing well - I hope you and the family all have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2009 :).

James said...

I would love to see you with a Jeremiah Johnson beard!