Friday, March 20, 2009

Lost About "Lost"

My wife and I love the show "Lost" on ABC. We started watching it from the beginning and were almost immediately hooked. It's new and different. A character-driven story that doesn't seem to rely on the "sure fire" formula for today's TV success. It seems shows today are either tough cop shows, some version of a CSI, a reality show, or about lawyers. "Lost" stands out in stark contrast.

This season has been a bit slow, though. Granted, the storyline creates a challenge (timetravel is tough to do right), and it's tough to live up to last season. I'm having a hard time getting in the groove. Last Wednesday's episode linked most of the group together again. Hopefully they'll settle into their rhythm and get things going again. Otherwise, I'll have to tune into "CSI: Fresno" or something.


Chuck said...

I love the time travel aspect, because it was so unexpected. As story tellers, they are able to give more explanation to the "Others" and provide motivations to minor characters (Widworth).

I am curious as to how it will turn out. The frustrating part is that the continuity, like 24, is really tight. Sometimes, they can have a show that does not move the story arcs forward, but gives us some clues about the characters.

Either way, I am a fan also. But, I like to say that Lost is not just the name of the show, it's how you feel while watching the show.

James said...

I tried to watch it during the second season but I was lost.