Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Night of Smooth Jazz

My apologies. I must join many of my friends and, too, pass along my apologies for not posting more often. I've been bitten by the Facebook bug and, much to my wife's chagrin, can't stay away from it. I'm drawn to it like the inevitable head turn as you pass an accident on the side of the road. Like a moth to a flame. You get the picture.

Had a great evening with my good friend Jay on Thursday night. Met up at the Kirk casa, said "Hi" to Caryn and Harper, and hit the road for dinner and the Joshua Redman trio Jazz show. I've never attended a Jazz concert, though I've heard it plenty on the radio (I also find myself drawn more and more to public radio/classical music stations the older I get).

The concert was quite the experience and I had a great time. I had the lamb curry over rice. A plate of warm Hummus and pita bread started things off. All very classy and, mixed with the great company I had, proved a winning combination for a great evening.

As we were walking out that night, I remarked to Jay that "Between this concert and the Brittany Spears concert ongoing at the Tacoma Dome, I think we made the right choice."


James said...

A fine time indeed, and I am glad you enjoyed the show. I could have started you out with some softball jazz saxaphone, like Kenny G or Sandborn. But Joshua Redman's trio are the real deal, a lot of improvisation, great stuff, serious jazz.

Rick said...

Sounds like a nice evening. We have jazz on public radio here, but not so much anywhere else. Yet.