Monday, October 29, 2007

Dusting things off

Planned all day for my flight tomorrow. This will be the first time behind the controls since May of 2003. Let's see...pull back and the houses get smaller, push forward on the stick and the houses get bigger. Left turn at Albuquerque. Got it.

I'm officially a crusty, old-timer now. I'm sitting there listening to young instructors trying to teach an old dog new tricks. That was me 5 years ago. Now I'm part of the establishment. Next I'm afraid I'm going to end up wearing black socks with my shorts and sandals. My oldest boy, Nathan, has begun referring to me now as "the old man."

We'll see if the old man has a few tricks left in his bag tomorrow.


George said...

Make us proud, Steve. Honk if you fly over us.

Todd said...

Rock on, man, Rock on.

George said...

Well, how was it? I stood outside, looking up, all day today, but I never saw you fly over.