Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here in Seattle

Arrived safely yesterday at my new assignment at McChord AFB, Washington. I hopped on a C-17 headed West out of Germany at 0300 in the morning and arrived 12 hours later. Human beings have no business being awake at 0300 in the morning. That's when the zombies come out. I'm convinced I sat next to one waiting for my flight. I had to say "see you later" to the kids the night before--perhaps that's the one good thing about leaving that early. I hate all the crying and waving...that's me crying and waving.

The flight was uneventful, though I was coldsoaked for the entire flight. I think I'm getting old. I travelled with a woman flying back to the states with her 4 children. She had three girls and her 8-week-old son, her husband had just deployed to Iraq for 15 months. She had the patience of Job. All of the other folks on the plane stepped up and helped her out, carrying bags and entertaining her kids. I dusted off the old "detachable finger" trick which kept her 5-year-old entertained for an hour. My wife was in this woman's same position a year ago, traveling back to the states while I was deployed. Paying it forward.

Looking forward to my time in the Seattle area and catching up with my old friend James and meeting his family. The weather here is just like I left in Germany. I feel like I didn't go anywhere...other than the fact that everyone speaks English, doesn't smoke, and there are no Smartcars.

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Rick said...

I recommend the Lobster House on Dash Point, just west of Federal Bay. The early bird is wonderful - best creme brule' I've ever had.

And the fresh fish from the market, prepared properly at James & Caryn's. With a tour of the Christmas decorations with Harper.