Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the Road Again

Busy today taking care of last minute preparations. Bus leaves for the airport bright and early...0300. I'm debating whether I should even bother going to sleep tonight.
Christmas was fine. I had an old friend invite me to a get together Christmas Eve where we all had Christmas Enchiladas. I'm thinking of making that a new tradition in the Ritterhaus--they were tasty! I got back to my room in time to field the call from the wife at my sister-in-law's in Italy. The kids were in a fever pitch as they all said "hello" to me while being forced to stand in the pre-staging area. I laughed when I heard the screams of joy as they were released into the living room to see what Santa brought. My daughter got a Felicity American Girl doll--I could hear her scream it loudest above the other screams. The boys were very happy with their new PS3 (so was I). Only thing I'm missing is the "testing out of the games" that dads are required to do before the kids play.
Christmas day saw me hanging out watching tv and movies. By the way, "Trainspotting" is NOT a good Christmas movie. I went over to my friend's house for Christmas dinner. I got to live vicariously through their 3 boys playing with their gifts. It would seem I made quite the impression on them as the youngest asked me if I wanted to go play with them.
I'm looking forward to getting out with my new squadron. The hustle and bustle of deployed ops with help the time pass more quickly.
Happy New Year all.


George said...

Be careful out there, my friend. We'll be praying for you. Will you be able to update you blog while deployed or do we have to wait for you to return?

Rick said...

Hurry back - here's to the hope that words like "deployment" are rendered obsolete in our lifetimes.