Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm Back (For a Short While)

Just returned last Friday from a huge family vacation. We joined my wife's sister and husband and their brood of 4 kids in Genoa, Italy for a cruise through the Eastern Mediterranean over Thanksgiving. We visited Naples, Egypt, Cyprus, Rhodes (lots of smart folks there), Athens, and Olympia, Greece. I had been on one cruise previously, a work friend and I touring through the Bahamas as a last hurrah before entering the service. Big difference between going on a cruise when you're 22 and when you're 39 with wife and kids. I was pretty proud of myself if I managed to stay up past 11. I actually enjoyed the shows. I did not drink myself to the point where I tossed lawnchairs over the side (wait, that was the Airport High senior cruise, right?).

I will say that, even at 39, I was one of the more "spritely" gents onboard. Lots of old folks on this cruise. Let me tell you, there is a big difference between kindly old folks that are grandmas and the nice old ladies who bake you cookies. The old folks on this ship were flat out mean. Good luck getting through the buffet line without being run over. I literally watched them push past my kids to get on the elevator to go up ONE floor. I walked out on the Lido deck one particularly sunny afternoon to get some fresh air. Each and every lawn chair was taken by these seemingly gentle creatures. Each was splayed out in a kind of macabre death pose, sleeping the sleep of one who had eaten too much at the buffet and tried to Samba 20 years later than they should have. I imagined this was what Jonestown looked like. Creepy.

Anyhoo, highly recommend the cruise with family. All of us had a great time despite the daily battles with the seasoned citizens. I pull into Seatle on Sunday the 9th and am looking forward to some good seafood again.

Happy birthday to James and Todd. Lots of talk about turning 40 and being old. Believe me, you guys aren't old. I've seen old're no where near it.


George said...

Welcome back (if only for a short time). Sounds like your cruise was awesome. Although, "Old people and a buffet", doesn't sound too different than my Thanksgiving. Post some photos for us to admire (especially any of the old people/corpses). My wife has always wanted to go on a Mediterian Cruise. I took her on a Mediocre Cruise once, but she said that wasn't what she had in mind.

Rick said...

You're how old?!?!? Sounds like a great trip. Enjoy Seattle, and pack snow boots and an umbrella, just in case.

Todd said...

Thanks, Steve. I feel pretty good for 2 score years. When you get to Seattle, you and Jay need to go to the Blarney Stone and toast me with a Smithwicks.

James said...

Yeah, better bring a rain hat, too.