Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Kilts, Flying and Eggs

Had a great Easter weekend with Jay and his wonderful family. Church, chicken, and dying Easter eggs. The eggs were not only colorful, they have proven to be very tasty as well, serving as my breakfast for the past few days.

I flew on Monday on what turned out to be a beautiful, if atypical, Pacific Northwest day. We flew a nice low level up the Columbia River and over and around part of the Cascade Mountain range. When came back and requested to land a little early. Command post asked us why we weren't back 30 minutes ago. Ooops! Minor math error during planning gave us an extra hour of flying. Bonehead mistake.

Got some pictures from the family. I've been waiting for one in particular of the Scotsman, William, at his history fair. I was particularly pleased to see that he's one of the few people I know that can pull off wearing a kilt!

Here's some great egg coloring going on at Das Ritterhaus:
Isabella and Benjamin both appear pretty pleased with their work.


Kagahn said...
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George said...

The Kilt Outfit is SO much cooler than that other kid's Happy Meal costume, or whatever that is.