Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Week Off, But I'm Back!

Busy week. I'm taking a big drink from the firehose and learning my new job, Director of Operations for the 10th Airlift Squadron. What really cool is that I've got my own office--it's huge! The previous DO was a bit of a handyman, so there are all sorts of creature comforts. My wife has already volunteered to "spruce it up" for me [translation: "Don't touch anything until I get have no sense of style]. She's right. One of her funniest stories is the first time she came by my bachelor pad and saw the picture of Jack Nicholson as The Joker hanging (too high) on the wall.

New car is working out great. The New-Car smell is still wafting in the air everytime I get in. I figure I've got about 3 more weeks before the "man scent" covers it up. You know, that musky, outdoorsy, smell of testosterone and campfires, footballs and steaks. In other words, it smells a lot like feet. I'll be buying one of those air fresheners shaped like green pine trees to hang from the rearview mirror in about three weeks.

Arlene said they've gotten quite a bit of snow in Germany. I talked with my daughter this morning on her way out the door to go sledding with her brother the Scotsman. Not sure if he wears his kilt when he plays in the snow. Wouldn't put it past him, though. I've got plane tickets to go visit them in April and they'll be here for good in May. I can't wait. I miss them very much.


Rick said...

I understand long weeks- welcome home, welcome back.

Todd said...

I can't stand one week away from my family. How you holding up?

Todd said...

I can't stand one week away from my family. How you holding up?

Martha said...

Glad you are back and congrats on the assignment!! I know you are looking forward to everyone coming home and I hope it will go by as quickly as possible.