Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not What It Seems

I'm headed home in about 2 days. Last night a few of us took the opportunity to go off base and do a little shopping. I ended up buying a nice machine-made Turkish rug. This is a bit of a gamble as this has not been cleared with the Frau. I might end up with a nice carpet to lay on in the garage when I change the oil in my car. My other purchase was a bit more of an impulse buy. I went into a store run by a man named "Mr. Rolex, " at least that's what he kept referring to himself as. He had Rolex and Breitling watches galore. I ended up buying a nice Breitling for only $75! Why, I should buy up the whole store and bring them back and make a killing!
Well, not exactly. It looks like a Breitling and even says "Breitling," but the sign on the wall of "Mr. Rolex's" store clearly stated that the insides of the watch are not Breitling but rather Timex or perhaps Casio. What the heck, the watch looks nice and, so far, keeps decent time. Reminds me of many stores in Korea that sell "knock off" items like this. We commonly refer to Korea as "The Land of Not-Quite-Right," for just this reason. I bought my wife what I thought was an expensive brand named purse in Korea. The lady I bought it from glued the logo on the purse which raised the red flag in my mind. I tried to pass it off as genuine, but the wife was on to me and saw right through it. Everyone knows but me...

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