Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High School Memories

I was reminiscing today about High School. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those that wiles the day away thinking of "the good ol' days" in High School, wishing I was back there. There are times I wish I was 17 again (well, 17 with the mind of a 40-year-old). But all in all I find that each year is better than the last. Like a fine wine.

Anyhoo, High School. Stay on target. Airport High class of 19 and 86. I was thinking about some funny events from High School that never fail to bring a chuckle:

- David Cobb's wet spot on the front of his pants at a school assembly (he wouldn't stand up)
- Robert Strickland's student body president campaign and the coolest campaign poster I've ever seen (thanks to Jay and Alan).
- Jeff (can't remember his last name--40-year-old-mind) pulling someone out of his parking spot on the Senior lot (he was sent home for the day).
- Martha slapping David Cobb. Watching them two was like watching a soap opera.
- Mrs. Rawl...
- Lunch in Roscoe's classroom

Good memories.


George said...

Funny, I always thought I was the mastermind of Robert's student body campaign. I guess my memory is acting up too.

At least we all can clearly recall that HE WON. We were robbed! Robbed from what would have been a terrible year and an camo-themed prom. I guess teachers are smart.

Martha said...

That slap was totally unplanned. I was minding my own business in class and David stopped at my desk, bent down, and kissed me on the cheek hard. My reaction surprised me more than it did him I think. I just reacted without thinking and I still remember the stunned look on his face and everyone elses!! It was classic!! Thanks for the memories...

Steve said...

You may have been the Carl Rove of Robert's campaign, George. I just remember the poster with his hand-drawn picture. It was right up there with "Pop a Wheelie, Vote for Neeley!"

Chuck said...

That would have been Jeff Hunter. Remember Scott? in science ("that boy aint right").

Roscoe's room was incredibly cool. I can not begin to count the number of movies that we saw there...D&D campaigns (avoiding the Hernandez)...Do you remember going to Waldenbooks at Dutch Square to buy the books for the Sci-Fi Club's library?

Ah...good times. Good times indeed.

James said...

It was George and Alan who were responsible for the posters. "Attention Swine!" That was the year I vanished.