Friday, September 12, 2008

Shaka Zulu Goes to School

My son passed along a funny story from school today. Seems one of the boys in his class won a fake lion skin (with head) at some contest at the state fair. I don't remember any prizes like that at the South Carolina State Fair. The prizes there consisted of roach clips with feathers, small mirrors with REO Speedwagon printed on them, or AC/DC posters. But I digress...

This lion skin was quite the sight. Nathan said he draped it around his shoulders and wore the head like some sort of strange Shaka Zulu headdress. He got all the way to school with it before a teacher called him on it.

"It's part of my religious beliefs," was his explanation for wearing it. The teacher had none of it and into a box went the lion skin.

Nice try. Another one of those "colorful characters" that make it work going to school/work sometimes.

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Rick said...

Reminds me of the time the AHS War Eagle pimped down Carterhill Drive.