Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Wrestling Match

Saw the tail end of my sons' first wrestling match tonight. Glacier View Junior High vs. Columbia Junior High (of Fife, not Cola, SC). My younger son William goes down in the record books, registering the first pin in Glacier View Wrestling sports history. Nathan held his own, but ended up getting pinned late in the first round by a veteran wrestler. Very proud of both of them. I see them every day after wrestling practice--both look like they've been put through the wringer. Rode hard and put up wet.

Perhaps Todd Matrix can show them a few moves when he comes out this way for a visit? What's your signature move? I told the boys to pull a "Nacho Libre" and whip out the patented "neeeeple tweeest" or the "anaconda squeeeezzzzzeeee." Don't know if those are officially sanctioned moves or not; maybe they can be the trendsetters.

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