Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Little Businessman

My 100th post. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Well, enough of that...

Talking with my son, William, last night, I realize what a budding young capitalist I have on my hands. He's worked out a deal at school where he helps in the lunchroom doing odd jobs during lunch. Whether it's putting out cookies or a handful of french fries in a basket, he diligently serves each and every day. The "deal" is that he gets his lunch free for his services and his mother has agreed to pay him the cost of his school lunch each day. Pretty sweet deal. He's clearing about $15 bucks a week. This is the same son who asked for his allowance in Euros while we were in Germany.

"Five Euros is worth more than $5 with the current exchange rate."

In true Republican fashion, he wants others to be rich as well. A potential self-help book author, he tells any of his classmates that'll listen of his path to riches.

I can scarcely contain my pride, but must admit I was curious of one thing. "William," I said, "aren't you the least bit tempted around those cookies? I mean, don't you sneak one every now and then?"

"No. Well, not in front of everyone. I usually sneak the 'scrub, deformed' cookies and take them back to the freezer. That's where I eat them."

"Executive perks." That's what I call that. Future CEO there...

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James said...

Sounds like you have someone to support you in your old age!