Monday, November 24, 2008

Various Thoughts on a Monday

Beautiful day in Seattle today. Clear, blue skies and a crisp 53 degrees. It's days like this that make you appreciate the sunshine, as they seem to be so infrequent here.

My Dad rolled into town Sunday night. It's great to see him again, it's been over a year. He was amazed at how much the kids had grown since the last time he saw them. Is there anything like children to make us realize how quickly time passes?

Crock pots are great for cooking. I'm convinced you could probably put roadkill in it with chocolate sauce and cat litter and, eight hours later on low heat, have a culinary masterpiece.

Anyone else start getting a little let down at the 10-week point of the college football season? It's kind of like early afternoon on Christmas day. You've got your presents but there's no going back to that magical time when they were still wrapped and under the tree.

Cheezits are addictive. Perhaps the world's most perfect food.

Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream is #2.

Mix them together...that's not so good. Like peanut butter and salami sandwiches.


Chuck said...

Children are the yard stick by which we can measure time.

George said...

What if you put Cheezits and Chunky Monkey im a crock pot?

Martha said...

I know what you mean about kids now that I have a 5 yr old niece. I told Meg I didn't know what I was going to do when Quincy started saying "th" correctly. I said "I'm not going to be Mafa anymore" :(. Meg told me that I would always be Mafa.

Oh yes, and last year she was all excited about coming to my house for Fanksgiving! And it's time for Fanksgiving again :).

And college football season is just too darn short. Why can't it last forever like baseball seems to do? At least after this weekend there will be some conference championship games to tide us over until bowl season begins.

Rick said...

I think the point everyone's missing here is to NOT eat whatever Steve is dipping from the crockpot.

James said...

I thought that "time is the fire in which we burn?" Anyway, Cheezits are addictive. And evil. There is a point, near the bottom of the Cheezit box when you realize you have eaten WAY to many and suddenly you are nauseous. Or perhaps, Steve, you have more self control than I do.