Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home for the next 2 months

Arrived on the 30th badly needing a shower and very, very jet-lagged. I learned to never, never try to connect through Denver in the winter. We spent an extra day in Germany due to weather downrange. Arlene and the kids were visiting her sister in Italy for the holidays, so I was unable to see them. Agonizingly close to home. Probably for the best that I didn't go by there as an empty house is worse than being on the road. That, and I forgot my key.
Went up on a flight the day after we arrived and went in country twice. All went fine. One guy saw some tracer fire way off in the distance--probably someone celebrating the new year. As normal a flight as you can have in that part of the world I suppose.
All is well. I want to wish all my friends and their families a Happy New Year.


Chuck said...

Steve - Could you send me your email address?

George said...

Happy New Year to You too!

Martha said...

Happy New Year Steve! Where are you deploying too? Germany? My husband would be so jealous. He spent a year over there his last year in HS as an exchange student. He speaks fluent German and loves that place.

He went over there twice while in the army. The last time was ten years ago in '97. He went over there about 6 months after we met.

Hope you will still be in touch while you're gone.

Todd said...

Steve, have a great new year, man! Rock on!

Great to see a photo of Martha. J. Yawn once called her a "decorative individual." His rendering still stands.

Martha said...

Thank you Todd. You just made my day!