Friday, August 1, 2008

800-Pound Gorilla's Off My Back

Finished up my airdrop requalification checkride last night. It was a typical checkride...everything that could go wrong did go wrong. From one aircraft with a fuel leak to equipment problems to dealing with was a long night. Believe me, there were several points where I questioned my sanity in going through all of this. These moments are overshadowed by the coolness of the mission, though. It's probably like someone who really, really enjoys going through childbirth.

We finished up around 0300 this morning. Now I'm signed off to fly in command on airdrop missions. I heard someone the other day put it very eloquently:

"If you like a mission to go as planned with no spur-of-the-moment changes, then airdrop is not for you." So true.

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James said...

I was down near the base today and saw those big gray birds circling around, and wondered if you were aboard any of those airborne beasts.