Thursday, August 14, 2008

We The People...

I've been TDY to Scott AFB, IL, this week, solving the world's airlift problems. I've been brought together with a group of experts from the operations, logistics, maintenance, and airlift management specialties, to work a particular problem. You ever see that movie, "Twelve Angry Men?" That's what it's been like. In a way, it's kind of interesting watching a diverse group come together to solve a common problem while simultaneously trying to champion their own agendas. I imagine it's something like what the founding fathers went through trying to carve out the first draft of the US Constitution, though no one here is wearing a wig and everyone is not nearly as formal and polite. I'm waiting for the Connecticut Compromise to come up so that we can all get things solved and go home.

This base is pretty nice. Being HQ for Air Mobility Command, I guess it's got to be. We're right outside of St. Louis which, I've found, is a very nice city. There's lots to do here and the weather has been very, very nice. I've been able to visit with some old friends from Altus here. It's been nice catching up on old times.

Tomorrow is the last day on the Continental, conference. We brief the General at 1000. Hopefully he likes what we have to say.

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