Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harriet Oleson Flies US Air

Ran into another "colorful character" on the flight home from Philly to Seattle. This lady, her husband, and 4 children, provided running color commentary for the entire 5 hour flight. Whatever volume control she was born had been removed or simply burnt out from overuse. No sense of confined spaces and respect for people sleeping. It eventually became mildly humorous, actually, listening to her lambast her children and berate her husband in her thick Philly accent over nothing. I was reminded of Harriet Oleson of "Little House on the Praire" fame. Poor Mr. Oleson. I always found some satisfaction when Nels would finally stand up and say, "Harriet, shut up." Classic.

Nothing like this happened, though as much as I would have liked it to, and the flight ended quietly. Back in Seattle and ready for another week.


Rick said...

The mostly business flight straight from Columbia to Philadelphia on US Air hasn't been that rough, but I recall too many of those situations on Delta thru ATL to wherever else in the world. All over the plane, headphone go on and ipods get turned up to drown out the nag nag nag. And that's from their own kids and husbands.

Martha said...

Steve, you are going to end up going postal on one of these flights! Just kidding - actually that post made me laugh really hard this morning. That and the picture!

I know how you can solve this problem though. When you retire from the Air Force, you can be a pilot and fly the plane instead of sitting with the passengers.