Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life's "Colorful Additions"

I need to "up my game" a bit. I've been slacking a little with the blogging.

I'm TDY again, attending a tactics course at McGuire AFB, NJ. I was stationed here for a year from May 03-Jun 04 while I attending the Advanced Studies in Air Mobility school. I drove past our old house at 4533 East Castle Drive. Looks the same. I couldn't help but chuckle as I looked over at my old neighbor's house. She was a very odd person, perfectly harmless, but one of those people that, shall we say, "adds color to life." She was a karate nut and would wear her black karate suit all the time while she worked in her yard. This in itself is a bit odd, but when it was sunny she'd top off this fashion faux pas with one of those Ho Chi Minh hats. For the first month we lived there I no-kidding thought my neighbor was VC. I looked out the window one day and her and her husband (also a karate nut) were chopping bamboo poles with samurai swords. Odd to say the least, but it still brings a chuckle every time I think about them. Spice to life, right?

This discussion brings me to another "colorful lady" I had the pleasure of riding with on the airplane from Seattle to Philly Wednesday. She was harmless enough. But she turned out to be one of those "20% of the people who cause 80% of the work." She hounded the poor flight attendants non-stop for the entire 5 hour flight. Normally I don't have very much pity of flight attendants. Most that I run across are borderline rude and make it very clear when you cross over into the realm of inconveniencing them. I honestly felt bad for the flight attendants that had to deal with this lady. She was a nice enough lady and meant well, but was just one of those folks that start to make you uncomfortable, you know? Like something is just not right.

What do you do short of telling her, "don't talk anymore, please?"


Martha said...

Were you dousing yourself with gasoline or throwing up into the airsick bag like on "Airplane"? Saw that movie the other day and it was hilarious.

Todd said...

You could always use the patented "Matrixx Elbow Smash" and cold-cock the impetuous lady.

Nah. Better not.