Friday, January 16, 2009

Back Home and Resting (Kind of)

Got back home Wednesday night. This was a bit unexpected. We were scheduled to drop off some cargo at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, but had to divert here for a maintenance problem. One compensation from flying on a mission and being gone is that after the mission we are afforded Post Mission Crew Rest. This is a chance to unwind and take care of any neglected business which for me is the "Honey-Do List." This mission ended at the perfect time to coincide with the MLK holiday. I received two days of PMCR lasting through Friday night. Monday is a holiday. Folks, that's a five-day weekend. Me likee.

Now, what that really means is that my wife has five days of chores for me. Yesterday she floated the "Soooo, what are you planning to do today?" question at me. This is a trick question to which there is no acceptable answer. It's like the, "Honey, do I look fat in this?" question. I blinked several times, my mind wildly racing for something, some chore that would give the semblance of activity yet allow me to lounge carefree on the couch for the rest of the day.
"Uhhh, the dishes?" Arrggghh! That sounded too much like I was reaching. Have to do better than that, Steve.
"What does 'Hmmm' mean," I ask. [Hats off to Caryn--one of the funniest comeback questions on a post I've seen. ] There is often a whole conversation wrapped up in one "Hmmmm."
"That means you really need to put together these chairs I bought the other day," as she walks out chuckling.
I toss out a feeble, "Now, don't feel like you have to fill up my day with activities." I hear her laughter in the next room. Foiled again. PS3 will have to wait.

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Chuck said...

Once, I answered that question very honestly. "Dear, I plan to sit on that couch, and defend the free world from invading forces using nothing more than my Xbox controller, mad playing skills, and a plucky disposition that is just too irresitable."

To which she said "Think again, plucky boy."