Monday, January 12, 2009

Full Circle in Turkey

Coming up on a week on the road for this trip. I'm sitting in Turkey right now, in the same place I was a year ago. It's hard to believe the year went by so quickly. We flew into Baghdad last night to drop off some cargo and got here about 2 in the morning. I forced myself to stay awake until about noon and then slept until 7:30 in the evening. Talk about your clock being screwed up.

Two things I'm sorry I'll miss here on this trip are the pistachios and a haircut. The base commissary is closed on Mondays and I'm not sure I trust the pistachio vendors off base. I'm a big fan of pistachios and have got to say that the ones here are delicious. I already got a haircut in Germany, though the thought crossed my mind about paying for another one here. Like most things the Germans do, it was very thorough and basically flawless, though it lacked a ne sais quoi. I posted about these haircuts about a year ago. The alcohol rub and massage on the back of the neck is great. I think American barbers could take a few pointers from the Turkish ones.

We're on the road again in a few hours. Just enough time to swing by the chowhall for some cheesey grits and hash browns soaked in grease. My fav!

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Rick said...

So turkish scattered smothered and covered is better than the Waffle House on #321?