Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Too Much Pork

I have to say that, as much as I disagree with President Obama's policies and ideas, I think the real problem is Congress. It's the Congress that allocates funding, right? It's the Congress that raises/lowers taxes (usually more of the former than the latter). Why do we continue to put up with the shameless porkbarrel spending in budgets? Why does an economic stimulus package have $400 million in it for climate research? Why is there funding for contraceptives (to President Obama's credit, I heard today he had the sponsering Congressman pull that bit of pork out--following Republican complaints).

Have Americans become that self-centered and that selfish? Are we a bunch of self-seeking individualists who "want ours now?" What about the common good? We are partially to blame, I suppose. We continue to elect Congressmen and Senators who, "Bring home the bacon." The incumbent has a huge advantage each election, riding the wave of public sentiment that a tenured member of Congress "knows the ropes" and "how things are done in Washington." It's a never ending cycle. For example, would we re-elect someone who fights building a Navy base in his home state of Iowa?

Just a few thoughts I had today driving in to work. Move along...there's nothing else to see here.


Rick said...

Yes, yes we are/have. We're in this mess because we buy things we can't afford with money we don't have because "we deserve a nice Christmas". A little belt tightening would do all of us some good, mostly. And force us to get our house in order, individ and collective. At least for me. Good thoughts.

Chuck said...

America needs to start acting its wage and get a total money makeover.

In October, I pulled down the PDF for the 700 Billion that was going to save the economy. It was hard finding the part that actually talked about the Bailout simply due to all the stuff about Bows and Arrows and Actor Royalties.

Now, we have another 800 Billion passing through the house?

Alan said...

Darned right, Steve. Get rid of the condom spending and pull out the pork! It's much cheaper that way.

Todd said...

"I just want what's coming to me; I just want my fair share." --Sally in A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS