Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daddy Like Carrot Juice

I thought for sure by now that the jet lag would be over with. I've been waking up (not the kind of waking up where you just get up to go to the bathroom, but the full-up, wide awake waking up) at 0400 every morning this week. This morning it came in handy when I actually had to get up that early for a flight. I rode along watching two guys get a checkride. This checkride included a low level flight through Oregon and a mid-air refueling. I was able to get in the seat for a quick hookup and actually showed the youngsters a thing or two.
Work has been pretty busy this week with trying to catch up on things that laid fallow while I was on leave.
I've decided that one of the things I plan to grow in my vegetable garden (whenever I actually move into a house) is carrots. One of the fringe benefits of living on the Left Coast is the ready access to organic foods/granola/free range/dolphin friendly-type foods. I'm sure there's probably some Hemp products around here if you look hard enough, especially the smokable kind. I bought a bottle of carrot juice at the grocery store the other day and have managed to quickly polish it off. Very tasty. Each bottle takes a pound of carrots, though. I'll probably have to dedicate a signficant portion of the garden to this little project.

Feel free to insert "growing Hemp" jokes now...


Rick said...

It happens so fast, doesn't it? This getting old thing. Next week, it'll be prune juice and bran flakes. Then dark socks with shorts and a combover.

James said...

Steve, you shall get your wish in August when the Seattle Hemp Fest comes around again: