Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passing the Video Game Torch

Just got back from a great visit with the family in Germany. I haven't seen my wife or children since December 9th of last year, so it was, needless to say, a joyful homecoming. Lufthansa just started up a direct flight from Seattle to Frankfurt. A nine hour straight shot is much better than having to drop into Washington, Chicago, or Atlanta first.
Family is doing great. My wife is gearing herself up mentally for the move. Packers arrive tomorrow. Most of my week was spent getting the house in order for the move: Pictures off the walls, dirt removed from outdoor stuff, getting the car ready to ship. Very busy week.
I learned something else. My kids are now officially better than me at Playstation 3. I mean, I really tried hard to beat them on Call of Duty 4! I'm talking about the kind of trying you do when you're trying to beat your friend, not the "Daddy-really-tried-but-not-really" that one normally does when you play a game with your kids. I eventually beat my 8-year-old in one game. I wore down my 12-year-old--I think he was just mentally fatigued when I beat him. It was 10 o'clock at night when I scored my victory. I finally beat my 14-year-old in one game, but he later told me he wasn't really trying. A subsequent game saw him unleash his total fury on me...wasn't even close.
No, I think that I need to face the fact that, on any given day, my kids can all beat me at video games now. Does that mean that I'm now officially an old geezer?


Chuck said...

Ah, realizing your limitations. I have been playing online for several years and realize that I just do not have the reflexes or the time to devote to becoming better at games.

But, isn't CODIV sweet?

Martha said...

Glad you had a great trip and I know you are excited about the upcoming move. I am sure you are not an old geezer. I started crying the other night when I began to think about turning 40 - and my birthday is 9 months away!

I seriously cried for 15 minutes and at first Jim laughed at me because it was so silly, but then he just comforted me and promised me I don't look my age and that he didn't care how old I was. Of course he is still 35 and doesn't understand the degree of my vanity!

James said...

Welcome back, Sack!

Todd said...

My son Cody beats me at every video game of his generation. However, I smoke him every time on Pac-Man and Galaga.

Makes me laugh so hard my dentures pop out.