Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Mines of Moria in My Mind

I'm not one to subscribe to stereotypes, but I think there are some cultural "truths" out there that ring true for the most part. British folks tend to be polite. Japanese people tend to be very proper. German people are very blunt. Along these same lines, I've observed that the German people are the exacting, attention-to-detail people that you'd want guarding your gates, working on your cars, or packing your furniture. I still feel that way about everything except the furniture part. Arlene gave me a rundown of how the move went. All-in-all she was pretty disappointed with the service the German packers/movers provided. Most articles weren't wrapped properly. Any observations or suggested improvements she offered were shrugged off. I've decided that this will be the last time I'm not physically present during a packing/moving. My wife is much less confrontational than I am and, frankly, I wouldn't have put up with that crap. Anyhoo...

Started airdrop requalification today. Much less exciting than it sounds. My training at this point consists of staring at a computer screen trying to delve deep for knowledge that once was on the surface. Much like the dwarves dug too deep for Mithril in Moria, I'm a little worried what might come up. Perhaps some long-repressed memory of an English lesson taught by Dr. Maddox, or some sine/cosine theorem from Mr. Kilgo. Anyone remember how he always had chalk all over his sportcoat?

See what I mean?

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Martha said...

Dr. Maddox, Mr. Kilgo, what a fine walk down memory lane! When I graduated from USC, Mr. Kilgo found me as I was walking back to my seat after crossing the stage and shook my hand. He taught astronomy there part time and really surprised me that day.