Thursday, April 10, 2008

Going to See the Family Tomorrow

Little bummed that the Tarheels bowed out to Kansas. The final game was an "instant classic."

Had a great time last friday with Jay. He invited me along to a Sonics game. While the game was forgettable, I had a great time with my old friend. We stopped off for some coffee afterwards and I have to say: Seattle is tops for java.

Saturday was fairly uneventful. I went to see "Leatherheads," starring George Clooney. It was a good movie and worth $8.

Sunday brought me back to Jay's house again, where Jay, Caryn, Harper, and I took in church and a scrumptious feast at Famous Daves. I had heard of Harper's rib eating prowess. Trust me, in person it is something to behold. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the first Superman movie and helping Harper to Jedi flips in the living room. My back was mysteriously sore the next day. Think I'm getting old.

I hit the road tomorrow for 10 days of well-deserved leave, flying non-stop from Seattle to Frankfurt, Germany to see my family. I know my kids are excited, but not nearly as excited as I am to see them. I'm stretching my thumbs out now for the soon-to-be Playstation marathons. I also need to brush up on the My Little Pony interactive skills. My designated pony is Golden Delicious or Scooda Loop. I can't wait.


Martha said...

Sounds great! Hope you will have a wonderful trip and I know your family will be so happy to see you.

Rick said...

Fly safe. Don't let your arms cramp up.