Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday Flight and Final Four

I did indeed fly on Sunday, though the flight was much shorter than planned. We sat for 2 hours with the engines running until we finally made the decision to tail swap to another jet. We had just enough time left for each of us to get a takeoff and landing. Checkride complete.
Finally got to the gym today. It was so nice I went outside for a run, though it also was much shorter than planned. I'm going to blame old age, though that is hard to back up. I see 60-year-old folks running marathons. Too much ice cream and not enough exercise is a more likely explanation.
Glad to see North Carolina in the Final Four again. I picked that entire bracket exactly as it went down. The other ones were a little off, but I have proof that I did pick the Final Four correctly. I felt guilty at first picking all the #1 seeds until I found out that this is the first time all four #1 seeds have made it to the Final Four. I knew that would happen. Yeah, right.


Todd said...

Is there really such a thing as "too much ice cream?"

Martha said...

Can you believe how Memphis blew that game? I mean, they miss free throws at the end (one more made and they would have won in regulation) and then they let Kansas go down and hit that three pointer to tie and force OT. All Memphis had to do was foul the guy on purpose and make them go to the line. That way, he doesn't get the chance for a 3 point shot. He's got to make the first one, miss the second one on purpose, Kansas get the rebound, and then hit a 2 pointer to tie. That's a lot to have to happen instead of hitting a 3.