Friday, May 23, 2008

Officially Homeless...Again

Just moved out of my crappy, long-term hotel room. I hit the road tonight for San Antonio, where I will join the rest of the Ritter Clan for a week of sun and refried beans.

All in all, it was a good week at work. I flew on Saturday, giving one of the squadron's copilots his Mission Evaluation. It was a beautiful day for flying. Some folks call it "Field Grade Weather." That means there is no bad weather around that older guys like me have to fly around or through. Less to worry about which is good because I haven't been flying nearly enough. I was pretty rusty, making calls on the wrong radios, forgetting to put the landing gear down, flying the wrong way...well, not really. I did screw up a few radio calls, though. I need to fly more.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new "Indiana Jones" movie with the kids. I've caught myself whistling the tune this past week. I even remembered once wanting to become an Archaeologist because of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Archaeologists are quick to point out that theirs is a life of boredom with occasional moments of discovery. No snakes, no Nazis, no giant rolling boulders. In my career choice I believe I chose....wisely.


Rick said...

Very cool - don't envy your time away from the fam at all. But having just flown in to be home, I'm glad you guys will be getting back together soon. Have fun and try to behave out there in TX.

George said...

We're all glad to see you reunited with your family.

I am also looking forward to seeing the new Indiana Jones movie. Not just because I'm a fan and long for the nostalgia, nor because I've been longing for the day when fedoras and bullwhips would come back into style, but mainly because I'm looking forward to us all getting back together this summer to film our movie spoof of it. Speaking of which, I think it's about time James should put "Raiders of the Lost Hotdog", and "Indiana Jones Jr and the Eggs of Doom" on YouTube.