Saturday, May 10, 2008

Touring With Friends

Time for my weekly (weakly?) post...

Two weeks away from seeing the family again. They fly into Dallas next weekend only to be swept up with the grandparents and whisked off to Oklahoma City where I'll join them the week after. I'm looking forward to settling in and getting the Ritter family clicking on all 6 cylinders again.

I finished the simulator portion of my airdrop requalification. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I picked it all up again. I was scheduled to ride along on a big exercise yesterday. We had 5 C-17s from McChord doing drops over at Moses Lake and joining up with more C-17s from Charleston for a pass over a drop zone near Nellis AFB, NV. Our jet had some maintenance problems and we had to scrub while the rest pressed on. C'est la vie.

Have big plans today. Operation GOOD TIME kicks off this afternoon. I'll be rejoining with Kirk Squadron for a tour of McChord AFB. We've got plans for a C-17 tour and a ride in the simulator. Harper's looking forward to trying to pick out her house from the "air." Jay's looking forward to trying his hand at air refueling. I'm looking forward to zooming over Seattle at 300 feet and 300 knots.

This is a standing invite for all my friends out there. Let me know if you're ever up this way and we can set something like that up as well.


George said...

Will they let you borrow one of those big old planes to come pick us all up?

Rick said...

Check with CAE. Come do a flyby.

James said...

Well... I am crap at the refueling. But I had fun flying under the Tacoma-narrows bridge, despite the fact that I managed to take the tail section off of the aircraft. The Kirk Squadron had a heck of a day, I must say!!!