Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Conversation With A Princess

I got to talk with my wife and kids yesterday for the first time since right after Christmas. They're all doing fine. I couldn't resist asking them how their first day back to school after the holidays went. Always good for a little chuckle.

My daughter actually enjoyed going back to school. She's a rambunctious Kindergartner and is especially adept at coloring and drawing, two skills that will set you apart at that level of one's academic career. I've tried telling my boss that I also have these skills in spades. This seems to fall on deaf ears. Anyhoo, she told me how her day went and told me about Nicholas S.'s new Wii that Santa brought him. I've heard her talk about this boy many times before. She seems to have a bit of a thing for him. After she mentioned his name I said, "Nicholas. That's the boy you like, right?"
She paused for the briefest of seconds and said, "No, not anymore, Daddy."

And it begins...

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