Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time for a Change

As I discussed in my last post, being deployed has some minor benefits (though they are greatly outweighed by being away from family). I tend to go through life looking for the pluses in things, so I guess the deployment "plus" is the opportunity to better myself in small ways. In the summer of 2006, I used my four months in Qatar to finish some professional courses and to lose 25 pounds. This deployment I've gotten off to a good start by brushing up on the C-17 tech orders and reading a book I've had on my "to read" list for some time. I've noticed several of the folks deployed here with me using the time away from the normal grind to modify their normal eating habits, mainly going vegetarian. I must admit that I'm mildly interested.

I've tried various diets over the years and it seems the biggest challenge with any diet is integrating it in with the family. The Ritter family's Friday night calzones don't fit in well with dieting, and I'm sure the kids would not take a fancy to "Friday Night SlimFast shakes." My diets are usually the ones that lose out. Again, being deployed allows a certain "focusing upon oneself" that does not normally occur at home. I've decided to give a Vegetarian diet a try.

I've been thinking a great deal about this and think that the best way to start is to work in slowly. Eggs will be on the menu for at least the first week as will milk. I'll see how this goes and reevaluate at the end of the week with the goal of cutting these out as well. I do not plan to become a full-up Vegan, so all of my meat-eating friends need not worry as I have no intention of shunning our long-standing friendships based on your culinary choices. I also plan to return to the carnivore way of life at the end of this deployment. Daddy do like a good steak from time to time.



Rick said...

God luck, Steve. Just spent half-a-week away from home on business, and I didn't pig out - which is a "diet" for me. I'm cutting back, not ating as much, and starting to get away from the TV towards something more active. Won't get as ripped and svelte as you, but I'll feel better.

George said...

Rick's diet also includes cutting out important vowels from his comments. ;)

Seriously, Jennifer and I tried the Vegetarian thing for 40 days (durring Lent) about 10 years ago. We mainly cut out all meat. It was hard and we found ourselves eating more cheese than normal. At the end of the diet we had ech GAINED weight. Cheese weight, I guess. I found I missed bacon the most. (That's real PIG bacon, Martha.)

Rick said...

"God luck" - left nothing out, George. If you've got a problem with God, I suggest taking it up with Him, or His mouthpieces in the republican party.

Steve said...

Good input on the cheese, George. I've also cast a wary eye toward peanut butter. I'm thinking fried foods are out too. I found myself rationalizing last night in front of the onion rings but thought better of it.

George said...

Rick, I wasn't referring to "God Luck" I was referring to "not ating as much". And I will gladly take up with the the preposition "AT".

Steve, if you cut out cheeses and fried foods, I'm not sure what is left to enjoy. Perhaps a grilled portobello mushroom. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your water.

James said...

All of my vegitarian friends died hungry and bloated from too much soy. Rick and George, cut it out.