Monday, January 14, 2008

A Couple of Quick Observations

Just about to step out to go fly, so I thought I'd record a couple of observations I've recently made. One has to do with food. One doesn't.

1. Bacon tastes good with anything. Bacon cheeseburger. On salad. I had some bean soup today with bacon flavoring. Delicious. This tenet goes right along with my "Fried Food" rule of thumb--you could fry anything and it would be good.

2. The Turkish word for "sign in" is "Garin Yapis." Yahoo and other search engines speak Turkish when you're in Turkey. Trial and error (more "error" than anything) has taught me this.

Time to go fly.


George said...

I too am a fan of thinly sliced and fried pig strips (bacon). What can I say? I like pork and I like fried stuff. However, I don't think bacon goes well with desserts (ice cream, chocolate cake, pudding, etc.) Otherwise, add a few slices to MY entree, please.

Also, turky-bacon (that's turkey the fowl, not he country) is the best way possible to ruin an otherwise perfectly good turkey. Yuck!

Martha said...

I love turkey bacon! I mean, it doesn't compare to real bacon, but as far as for breafast it is good and not nearly as greasy.

Bacon and fried foods are hard to beat. Junk food is so good but now that I have hit the exercise bike hard, I hate to ruin my efforts!