Monday, January 21, 2008

Veggie Tales

I'm day two into my foray into vegetarianism. Tonight was a big test--steak night at the chow hall. I have to say that it's not as difficult sticking to this as I thought it would be. There are amazing things they can do with vegetables these days. Tonight I sampled a veggie burger. Sounds nasty, but I found it quite tasty with a dab of mustard and mayo. Soup is always a winner (tomato soup, that is), and an ample salad bar makes things easy.

So far, the nearest I can reckon the experience to is like the feeling one has after eating Chinese food--hungry again after an hour. I'm having to toss back a Nutrigrain bar in between meals to kill the ravenous hunger that develops about 2 hours after eating. I will say that this new menu plus the running is producing some quick results.

Thanks to George for warning me about the cheese and, yes, I have been enjoying the water, although there are only a few ways to serve it.


George said...

Somewhere I heard that often one's body will mistake thirst for hunger and you'll want to snack when in reality your body just needs water. Whenever I diet (which is not often enough) I'm always amazed that drinking lots of water keeps me from feeling hungry.

Try this. Keep a glass in your bathroom. As soon as you wake up, fill the glass up in the bathroom sink and drink the whole thing down. Then fill it back up and drink it while you're getting ready for the day. Boom! 2 of your 8 daily glases of water are out of the way. Now if you have 2 glasses eachat lunch and dinner you only need to squeeze in 2 more and you've met the mythical quota of 8 glasses a day.

Chuck said...

That's a great idea by george. The hardest part about dieting is controlling the eating at night. I am busy all through out the day, but at night I start unwinding and get a wee bit snacky. I have observed that if I keep drinking water, it helps. But, I end up going to the bathroom all night long.

Martha said...

One thing that really controls my hunger is exercise. 10 or 11 miles on the exercise bike three or four times a week, and it puts the curb on hunger. I have more energy without feeling the need to eat. Plus I sleep better, have more energy in the morning, and don't feel guilty if I eat a little too much.

James said...

You should try your water on the rocks with a splash of Oban 14 years.