Saturday, January 26, 2008

Layer Cake and Chinese Food

I got to fly again yesterday. That's my 12th mission in a little less than a month. Can't complain because it's not often "seasoned" folks like myself get to fly this much. We got back around 6:30 last night and I ended up over at the base shoppette looking for a movie. I picked up "Layer Cake," starring Daniel Craig. I had remembered reading that this was the movie that won producers over to Craig as the next James Bond. Good movie.

I talked to my wife this morning. I think that was the first thing that attracted me to her was how easy it is to talk with her. She really is my best friend.

I have come back to the world of eating meat with a vengence. I went out with a buddy for Chinese food tonight. "Chinese food in Turkey?" YES! It was very good and made with very little cat or dog. I don't recall if there was much MSG used in the food--I'll find that out later. Seems MSG gives me funny dreams. A few months ago I had some eggrolls my wife's aunt made that were loaded with MSG. That night I had a dream my wife and I had an argument and I was so angry at her I tossed a glass of water in her face. I woke up in a cold sweat wondering how I was going to talk my way out of that one.

On the schedule for tomorrow. Time for bed.


Rick said...

Chuck and I met for breakfast this morning, and each bite of my smoked sausage was in your honor. Well, sort of - that would've been weird actually. But we both stated that we wanted to send bacon. Vicki suggested ordering from Piggy Parkm having it shipped.

Steve said...

I was always a huge fan of Maurice's BBQ hash. I miss the pork-based BBQ from time to time. It's wonderful to be back in the world of meat eaters again.

Chuck said...

Renting videos at the shoppette. Boy, does that bring back memories. Even the word, shoppette - uniquely AF.

Martha said...

They use shoppette in the Army too as I went to the ones at Fort Jackson and Fort Bragg. The class six was a sight to see as well! I was always amazed at what you could get at the shoppette - quick shop fare and hard liquor to boot.

James said...

Todd (and perhaps Rick) and I used to work occasionally at the now-defunct Oak Grove BBQ. I made hash once. Don't ask me what's in that stuff. But it's tasty.

Never been to a shoppette. Sounds like an exhilerating experience.

George said...

I recall back in high school James used to tell me "don't ask what's in the hash". All these years later and he still stands by his statement. It scares me.