Friday, January 11, 2008

Turkish Haircut

Went for a haircut today. I was badly in need of one. I walked into the barber shop on base here at Incirlik AB, Turkey and sat down in the chair. A kind, older Turkish gentleman stepped up and began the universal barber preparation: White strip of knappy paper around the neck, apron to keep the hair off, then leaned over and said, "Sir, how vood ju like your hair?" I passed along my druthers in curt, crisp military fashion and sat back to observe his work.
I must admit this was the best haircut I've ever received. I had heard about these haircuts from friends that had been stationed here, and now I was getting to experience it first hand. Not only were my instructions followed to the letter, but I got the BONUS plan. He proceeded to trim my eyebrows, nose hair (not that it needed it, mind you), and a quick run over the ears (those of you who are 40ish know what I'm talking about). All of this was followed up by an alcohol rubdown and a "Man-sage." This made me a little uncomfortable at first, another guy giving me a shoulder massage, but then I realized that is their culture here and to just go with it.
American barbers could learn a thing or two from these guys.


Rick said...

You could tell John Edwards about that - got ot be better than his $400 haircut, right?

George said...

I was overdue for a haircut, so I dropped in to SuperClips (or something like that) today and got a very non-Turkish haircut. It was so bad, I had to cut some more later at home to even it out. Next time I'm going to Turkey.